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Ulla-News 2015

Every year, I am writing a letter to my friends and colleagues what has happened in 2015. If you also wish to subscribe, please, email: Here it is a slightly modified version for you. Enjoy!

Read about my latest print publications, my admission to the Explorers Club, our films, our workshops and toast with us to Gemtasu and all those who have left, but who are looking after us from above.

Before Gemtasu passed away, he made sure that his family is really mummifiying him. He even did build the smoking hut himself.

You might now that I have been close friends with the tribal elder Gemtasu from Papua New Guinea for over 10 years. He has taught me much about life after death. In our documentary for National Geographic Explorer, his tears has touched the heart of many of us. I am sorry to let you know that he passed away peacefully in August. His last wish to be mummified to protect his loved ones has become reality. I was privileged to witness the process and to document it- but I never found it harder to take pictures and to make a decision if I should publish the story. But I know how much Gemtasu was proud of his traditions and how much he wanted the world to know about his story. I am glad that a great feature article in GEO Magazine is doing him the honor.

Selected Publications (Check them here on my website): GEO 12/15: Feature article about Gemtasu and mummification rituals, GEO Saison 06/15: Feature article about Papua New Guinea, TERRA MATER 06/15: Feature article about a Volcano Expedition 

Films: 52min and 26min for Red Bull Media House, will be broadcasted 2016 52min, Terra X with Dirk Steffens for ZDF, broadcasted in December 2015 

Advertisement/ Support: We got to work for great clients, and received wonderful support: Canon, Mammut, Adobe, Feisol, MSR, Sea to Summit, Toshiba, Audi. I became appointed as an F-stop Global Icon and we also enjoyed very much working for Red Bull Media House. 

Selected Talks/ Seminars: Canon WorldExpo (Paris) for Canon, Wunderwelten Fotofestival (Friedrichshafen), Norddeutsche Naturfototage (Waren), Mundologia (Freiburg) for AC-Foto, DigitalEvent (Baden, Schweiz for Canon Switzerland- My talk was the main event of the Fotofestival, I was the first woman ever on stage and approx. 650 people attended my show!), Jugend forscht: I was honored to deliver a video speech for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the famous German science competition. 

Teaching: I became a lecturer for a three year course in Photography Diploma HF at Wirtschaftsschule KV Baden, Schweiz and a lecturer for Hochschule Kaiserslautern. For our photo workshops and expeditions, it was another very successful year. Our events have all been booked out many months in advance. 

Expeditions/ Travels: Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea (2x), Australia, Peru, Romania, Poland, Turkey and our backyard: The Alps. 

For my expedition achievements, I became elected as Fellow of the prestigious Explorers Club  New York: "(Fellows) have distinguished themselves by directly contributing to scientific knowledge in the field of geographical exploration or allied sciences." A big thank you! 

Besides, I do have a Wikipedia Entry now. We are also happy that our drone fleet keeps growing: Our large Octocopter, capable of flying a RED Camera, was joined by several DJI Drones and a long distance plane for 3D surface scans. We also keep working with 360° camera rigs and have had some great 360° projects- more to follow. 

At this point, a very big DANKESCHOEN to all the wonderful people I have met, to all those I have been fortunate to work with and to share my passions... A special thanks goes to Lucia Gistl and Lisa Hermes  our very talented interns. The warmest DANKESCHOEN to all those who donated for our association PPAF e.V. ( Together with Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Hohenschäftlarn, we could help many people in the Pacific, especially in cyclone-torn Vanuatu with a large amount of money!

Don't forget to catch up with us if you are in Germany in January: For National Geographic, we'll be presenting a Multivision Road show in all major cities in Germany! I will talk about our adventure of crossing the Dolomites in an unusual way, how we made a coffee table book for National Geographic and a film. Basti will play the grand piano live to our aerial footage, and... we have a 20% discount for you! Hope to see you there! Tickets and dates for "National Geographic presents" , Three additional show dates for "Expedition Erde". 

Have a great, wonderful, amazing, happy and healthy New Year ... and don't forget the toast, please! Ulla 

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