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Since 1997 I am in love with this beautiful country in the South Pacific and return every year at least once. Many people are like family to me. From them, I have learned how little it takes to be happy, and not how much. Now, my friends have lost the little bit they owned in one of the worst cyclones ever. To help at least a bit, we collected a significant amount of money, which Basti and myself will personally bring to Vanuatu in a couple of weeks (If you want to know more: or see flyer attached.

We are also running our Photoexpedition to Vanuatu as scheduled in July- it is very important that we show our support by bringing them much needed income. We won't use local resources, we'll take all our own food and will bring lots of other help with us, too. It will be a great chance to live something very unique, and help at the same time. One guest has just cancelled because amongst others, he is afraid that there are no more good photo opportunities for him. We guarantee that we'll find plenty of great photo motives- by then, nature will have covered up the signs of the cyclone, the people will have their houses rebuilt, and the smiles will be even brighter, because we show our support.

So there is your chance- one spot is free!!! If you want to experience a unique journey, see active volcanoes, explore the jungle, and meet the most amazing, friendly people- come with us. More info

If you want to help, please, download the flyer and have a look with how little money you can help. Thank you on behalf of our friends on Ambrym and Tanna Island.

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